Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Had a date with Eddie Vedder tonight.   Well not really ......Went to see Pearl Jam in concert.
What great energy and talent they all have.
Concerts always amaze me , the energy, and collective happiness is overwhelming. Knowing friends of mine were in the audience experiencing it at the same moment made it that much more special to me.
The only shaky moment was the guy sitting in front of me stood up drunkenly and fell down 3 rows of seats in the 300 section. I feared he would fall off the balcony.  Thank goodness all he will suffer from is a sore head in the morning.
Words of wisdom from Eddie is that "the good news is your alive, the bad news is that shit will happen to you"
I try to be thankful everyday. It's a good practice.
Walked home in the rain smiling.  Thanks Eddie for making me feel 20 again. <3

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  1. Oh wow, lucky! I really should have bought a ticket...