Friday, 27 April 2012

Knitters Frolic

Knitters Frolic is happening this weekend in Toronto!  Franklin Habit is the keynote instructor ...I sooo wish I was going...    But I do know some friends who will be vending there.  Debbie Wilson of Sheeps Ahoy, accompanied by Natalie Servant with her brilliant designs.  They will also have a selection of my shawl pins and stitch markers for sale, so stop by and have a look.
my foray into polymer  clay resulted in these stitch markers :)

Monday, 16 April 2012

MCPG Conference

Went to Morrisburg,Ontario on the weekend to help out at the Morrisburg Polymer Clay Gathering conference.  I was invited by my friend Liz.  Her mother , Margi McInnis Laurin , ( who is an amazing artist and I admire with every fibre of my being ) along with Violette Laporte are the organizers of this event.  Unfortunately this year Violette could not make it , yet , through technology she attended and even taught via skype on an iPad!

Liz and I  were helpers but before I knew it I was asking questions , borrowing tools, rolling canes....  My brain went on overdrive with all the possibilities, that this medium could offer. It will most definitely be a part of my creations in the future.

Margi working on her mobile
Margi's mobile won 1st prize at the OOAK show  in Toronto, Ontario.
This is work done by Adria I bought the heart top row 4th from the left with the Monarch butterfly
Adria and Liz
Mother and daughter working together
Adria at happy hour ( wearing one of my flowers )
straightening wire for the mobile, and loving it!
Pat Ghadbane working hard , she taught how to make an Ikat Inclusion  Cane
this is Pat Ghadbane's work.  Amazing!
All these women are highly creative , motivated , and artistic. They came from Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, and even the States.  It was a pleasure and honor to meet them and learn from them.  All in all a very inspirational weekend.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Gathering

My friend ,Yvonne, is an indie dyer. will have her beautiful yarns at The Gathering in Port Hope, Ontario. There will be some workshops and  you are encouraged to bring your wheels and your knitting to this event.
If you are around you should go check her out.  She will have some yarn samples to give away, so try to be early so you  can get one!  Also, she will have some of my pins and stitch markers sets for sale. So go and check her out ;)
This is one of her hand dyed  mini skeins to give away

Monday, 9 April 2012

mmmmmm Yarn

I  am in love with the Seta Tweed that we have in the store.  I had to knit with it immediately.  At 75 % silk and 25% cotton when you pick it up it feels like a little puff of air , it's so light.  I knit a shrug in pink (because the red was all gone) and was happy with it, but like an addict I need more!  So now that we have red in stock..... I'm thinking I will knit Buttercup by  Heidi Kirrmaier.  It will make a great summer Tee.  I can't wait.

just needed to add a leaf and voila ! looks like an apple
so often knitters refer to yarn as yummy, and this red is certainly very yummy

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


These days I am simply trying to find my breath.
It seems like a simple task, but a good breath can make you feel whole, and connected to the universe.  Shallow breathing is not really breathing at all.  So take a quiet moment and take a deep breath and connect to the universal energy.
When I took yoga I learned a saying " The mind is master of the body , but the breath is master of the mind"  I don't know who said that, but I like it a lot .

Enjoy a Pink Floyd moment :)