Sunday, 18 September 2011


Books and magazines are my weakness.  I will admit to having piles and piles of them around the house that I can't get rid of.

I went to Chapters today to look for a book on blogs and I got much much more than that.

I am most excited about the Jeanette Walls book Half Broke Horses.  Her first book The Glass Castle is simply unforgettable.

I also purchased the magazine Where Women Create. I love to read about women's creativity and where they create.  Kind of a twist on Virginia Woolf's, Room of One's Own.  We all need a space to call ours....even if it is a corner in a laundry room . Which is my work space. (for now)

In my opinion a home isn't a home unless there are books and magazines all over the place.  So I spent this sunny afternoon flipping through books and magazines that I will eventually add to my bookcases and piles.

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