Friday, 28 October 2011

Niddy Noddy

Just figured out how to use my Niddy Noddy.  I bought it in Rhinebeck two years ago and I am finally getting around to using it.  What a clever little invention, it's so low tech.  You wrap your hand spun yarn in a loose figure eight so you can make a tidy perfect skein.  Once you have finished you can find out the yardage by counting the the strands of yarn and multiplying by 2.  My niddy noddy is 2 yards in one wrap.  And voila you have your yardage and a perfect skein of yarn !

362 Yards of my hand spun yarn 

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


The Creative License is a book that walks you through the journey of growth and creativity.
I often walk up and down the isles of books in the library touching the spines.  There is a world within each book that intrigues me.  One day while doing this, I came upon the the book The Creative License by Danny Gregory and at that moment everything changed for me.
While reading it I relaxed and  let myself go and tried to imagine creating without fear of judgement from myself or others.  Make mistakes and have fun , that is the only way to grow.

I encourage you to check out this book and Danny Gregory 's website for inspiration.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Vendor's Night

The Ottawa Knitting Guild had their vendor's evening on Monday.  

One of my best customers! She has even sent one of my pieces to Germany! Thank you SW! Kelly and Yvonne from Just Knitting, also Yvonne is an indie dyer 

Kathryn Drysdale (on the left) of Riverside Studio
and Julie 

Can you tell that Kathryn is an artist?

Look at the glorious colours!


my boss from Yarn Forward

my purchase from Rosehaven Farms, fine paper yarn ...and.....

a Habu Textiles scarf kit with stainless steel yarn !

My purchase from Riverside Studio a yummy single ply

Saturday, 15 October 2011


I thought I would do a blog post on my dog.  She attracts so much attention.  People stop me all the time to ask what breed she is.  There have been times when people park their cars and get out just to ask about her.
I spent a year researching dog breeds before deciding on one.   The one that best suited our family was the Eurasier. The Eurasier Club of Canada states that the temperament is "self-assured, calm, even tempered with high resistance against any provocation.  Watchful and alert without being noisy.  Very strongly developed link to his family.  Reserved towards strangers without being aggressive.  No hunting instinct.  For the full development of these qualities, the Eurasier needs constant close domestic contact with his family and understanding, yet consistent training."

The breed was first developed in Germany in the late 1940's first mixing a Wolf-Spitz and Chow Chow, then the Samoyed.
Eurasiers are rarely seen in Canada , they are mostly found in Europe.  That is why there is so much curiosity when I walk down the street with her.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Rust is the name for the chemical compound iron oxide.  For iron to become iron oxide all that is needed is iron, water and oxygen.

I love to see an old vehicle in a field or an old push mower placed as an ornament in someones garden left to the elements to rust and become beautiful.

The color of rust  and the  texture of rust is art to me.  The act of iron , oxidizing and trying to return itself back to the earth has a poetic nature to it.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Playing Tourist

Played tourist with my dear friend Karin in Carleton Place.   We started off at Kelly's Just Knitting yarn shop. some yarn and flipped through some books before heading out ,on foot ,for lunch.

On our search for the perfect pub, we took a lot of pictures of beautiful and  historic buildings and did a little shopping.

We reached a bridge and found the perfect spot on the water to have our lunch.

Returned to Kelly's to sit and knit, to find Nelly and her mom there.  Two fantastic women that have great energy and make everyone around them smile .

The laughter was contagious around Kelly's table and we didn't want to leave.

The weather was perfect for our day of playing tourist in Carleton Place. And a big thanks to Kelly for her hospitality.

On this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend , I am thankful for those around me that fill me with happiness and love and I can only hope I give back in kind.

Don't forget to count your blessings on this day and every day <3

where the fondling began

temptress Kelly


as if the yarn fumes couldn't guide us

my favourite building

perfect place for a bite

Karin and myself

just give a turn to ring Kelly's bell ;)

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Life is creation. Creation is life.  In a civilized society art is essential to our well being.  Live for today, create something interesting, functional or beautiful, and you will feel part of the cosmos, connected and balanced.

Don't listen to the voice that judges, listen to your child within that wants to play and make stuff.   Never mind if what you are doing is good enough. Just do it , and enjoy. Pick up an instrument , a paint brush, a pencil or some knitting needles and make something.  Please...........

Monday, 3 October 2011

Soil Lamp

Who knew soil could do more than just grow vegetables?  How much power does mud have? Well,  apparently enough to  power a lamp.  Seriously , a dutch designer named Marieke Staps did just that.
She took some soil, wet it a bit and voila! a small LED light bulb burns bright.

The soil is contained in cells , the zinc and copper in the soil acts as an electrolyte.
The power is carried up a thin conductor leading to a bare bulb.
An earth battery? Imagine the possibilities......

And it looks cool too 

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Poppy Field Shawl

Today Natalie Servant  published her Poppy Field Shawl pattern for her Summer In Provence e-book.  It is a gorgeous design and I can't wait to make one for myself;  maybe in a red silk lace weight , I'm sure I must have some in my stash somewhere. A good reason to go stash diving!  And if you want this pattern you can find it here!
Congratulations Natalie!
Poppy Field Shawl