Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Getting My Daily Fiber

Today started off with knitting my Black Veil out of  Patons Bamboo and Silk.  Luscious to work with , I can't wait to wrap it around me.

The afternoon captivated me with spinning garnet merino and silk fiber from Belgium purchased at Just Knitting   . The silk content eases the drafting process and spins like a dream.  Of course, using the perfectly balanced Bosworth spindle helps.

The evening held my Sock Knitting Class at Yarn Forward.  I love to teach how to knit socks, it still delights me when the student turns the heel and it begins to look like an actual sock.  That was tonight's class, turn the heel and shape the instep.  There is a point in which you hold up the yarn that the sock is attached to and realize that with some sticks and string  you are creating a 3-dimensional object that is useful and beautiful.  Mine are made from Noro Silk Garden so of course they are beautiful.

After I finish writing this blog, I will wrap up my evening dreamily spinning some love into this lace weight yarn that I'm creating.

So all in all, I got my daily fiber.......did you?

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