Monday, 16 April 2012

MCPG Conference

Went to Morrisburg,Ontario on the weekend to help out at the Morrisburg Polymer Clay Gathering conference.  I was invited by my friend Liz.  Her mother , Margi McInnis Laurin , ( who is an amazing artist and I admire with every fibre of my being ) along with Violette Laporte are the organizers of this event.  Unfortunately this year Violette could not make it , yet , through technology she attended and even taught via skype on an iPad!

Liz and I  were helpers but before I knew it I was asking questions , borrowing tools, rolling canes....  My brain went on overdrive with all the possibilities, that this medium could offer. It will most definitely be a part of my creations in the future.

Margi working on her mobile
Margi's mobile won 1st prize at the OOAK show  in Toronto, Ontario.
This is work done by Adria I bought the heart top row 4th from the left with the Monarch butterfly
Adria and Liz
Mother and daughter working together
Adria at happy hour ( wearing one of my flowers )
straightening wire for the mobile, and loving it!
Pat Ghadbane working hard , she taught how to make an Ikat Inclusion  Cane
this is Pat Ghadbane's work.  Amazing!
All these women are highly creative , motivated , and artistic. They came from Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, and even the States.  It was a pleasure and honor to meet them and learn from them.  All in all a very inspirational weekend.

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