Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Lately I have been sourcing spoons for new jewelry designs.  Especially silver plated ones.  I love the tarnished, mellow look of them.  I usually find cutlery at thrift stores bagged up, hoping for a special one in amongst the stainless steel ones.  The problem now, is that I am falling for the cutlery , the beauty , the age of them. With antique , or vintage items I can't help but imagine the stories they could tell , if only they had a voice.  On my spoon journey I have found a lot of little souvenir spoons that are old , a tangible reminder of a special place or memory.
One of these little spoons knocked me over.  Inscribed on the spoon was the word "Dauphin"  That is the term used for the eldest son of the King of France from the 1300's to 1800's.  Now what do you think this spoon is a reminder of?  A lover's murmur of endearment ? I think there is a love story in there somewhere.

there are hallmarks on the one under the Dauphin spoon...I love hallmaks  it is so fun to research them

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