Thursday, 2 February 2012

Organza Roses

My new obsession is making these organza roses.  First you cut circles out of the organza in three different sizes.  Next you heat the edges of each "petal" with a candle.  The heat curls the edges and makes it look like a real petal.  Once you have a lot of petals, pile them one on top of each other, sew them together, put a shiny do dad in the centre .  Put a hair clip on the back and voila a beautiful accessory for your hair.

The painting above the desk is a Norval Morrisseau inspired  painting  done by my daughter  when she was in grade 1

I did this work on my new desk.  It is made of oak , with one drawer.  On the underside of the drawer it says Property of United States Airforce.  I love it so much and it is the same era as the chair that I already had.  All this happiness for $9.99 at the Salvation Army .

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