Friday, 27 January 2012

Anne Blayney

Saturday,  Anne Blayney of Jane Austen Knits, visited Yarn Forward with Natalie Servant. Natalie found out that Anne was going to be in Ottawa on business through twitter and invited her to visit her LYS.  It was such a treat to have her visit, I must admit to being a little star struck. Anne's design, Chawton Mittens, was admittedly my favourite item in the magazine. I love knitting mittens and the cameo effect is brilliant and elegant .  I asked her to sign my copy and she smiled and told me that was her very first autograph.
Smart , talented, and lovely she sat at the table and knit  Pretty Thing by Natalie Pearl-McPhee .
I found out she prefers to settle in and knit on her favourite love seat and has a huge stash of Koigu mill ends that makes her very happy to look at.
Anne did a little shopping at our store and bought one of my creations! a black pearl shawl pin.  Thank you Anne for visiting Yarn Forward  and congratulations on your design in Jane Austen Knits, you are a rock star in my world :)
Natalie Servant and Anne Blayney
Chawton Mittens graph in Jane Austen Knits (notice autograph )

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  1. Thanks for all your sweet words, Francine!

    Here's the Pretty Thing cowl in progress:

    Also, I MUST get a photo of my schmancy new shawl pin with my Amalia shawl ( -- the Raven clan yarn from Blue Moon and the black pearls look absolutely smashing together.