Friday, 11 November 2011

Knitting Retreat

Last weekend went by so quickly.  My friend Karin and I went to Gananoque to a Knitting Retreat at Glen House.
Perfectly organized by Debbie Wilson
The Glen House was a perfect place to be , beautiful atmosphere inside and out , the food was delicious , each meal better than the last.
I learned Tunisian crochet from Julia Bryant.  I will use it again, I'm not sure when but I appreciated learning this new skill.
Mary Pat taught set in sleeves, it was an interesting instruction although I could not concentrate on the subject because I was completely in awe of her energy and the fact that her hair colour matched her outfit.
I was mostly excited to meet Fiona Ellis , and she did not disappoint.  Elegant , well spoken, funny , talented and a fantastic teacher.
I was a vendor, I had the opportunity to share a table with Natalie Servant, she had the shawls and her shawl patterns and  I had the pins ...perfect match.
The weather could not have been better the sun shone on us all weekend.  Nothing could be better than spending time with old friends, making new friends and getting away to recharge those batteries.

The view from our room

Karin in front of the fireplace

It was nice to have the fireplace in the room 

Natalie Servant spinning away next to my shawl pins

Fiona Ellis (in black )teaching through performance art

Debbie Wilson and Mary Pat ( her hair always matches her outfit )
Glen House ...sigh....until next year 


  1. Sounds like a great weekend :)) Thank you for sharing :-))

  2. I've never been on a knitting retreat. Looks like such fun!